Smartphones have come a long way from the smartphone that a college student uses in his dorm room. Today's phones have many features that were once reserved for dedicated gaming consoles, like high definition (HD), infrared, and GPS. In addition, there are many accessories that allow users to play games on their mobile devices. However, the mobile gaming platform that is gaining momentum across the world is the app that allows users to use their smart phones as a gateway to virtual worlds that they can visit on the go.

According to the2019 Global Games Market Report, an estimated 2.5 billion individuals are mobile gamers, which means that they all use either their smart phones or tablets to play regularly. Even with that said, most individuals probably do not regard their smart phones as their primary gaming device, which could be attributed to both the hardware and the lack of apps that cater to specific gaming needs. This is where the mobile gaming platform comes into play. With an app that allows you to take on a role as an adventurer, complete with all the equipment necessary to get out there and explore strange and wonderful lands, you can engage in a myriad of activities from the safety and comfort of your smartphone. Read more now about the game developer.

Such an app would allow users to compete against each other via wireless internet or wireless devices such as smart phones and tablets. The mobile gaming platform that this e-sports startup is operating makes it possible for users to connect not only physically but also virtually, by allowing them to connect to a PC or laptop. As such, they can compete against each other on a virtual playing field, which could translate into real life game play in the future. View here for more details about the mobile gaming platform.

The other component that is driving the mobile gaming platform industry into the future is the introduction of streaming technology. With streaming technology, a developer does not have to create a single game engine and then upload it to their mobile device. Instead, the mobile game engine can be run on a variety of devices over a period of time as long as the device has sufficient memory and the right configuration. When the gaming app market is growing at such a fast pace, mobile game developers are finding new and creative ways to introduce new games into the marketplace. As such, you will no doubt continue to see innovative concepts introduced onto the screen through streaming technology.

In addition to the game engines and the streaming technologies, the mobile gaming platform is also looking to bring the game developers closer to their audience. Because so many players are playing on smartphones and tablets, there is a large portion of the population that is currently relying on these devices to remain connected to others who are playing the same games. To this end, the company is introducing a financing round that will raise a total of ninety million dollars. This represents a significant amount of investment, which paves the way for more mobile games to be launched in the future.

The startup is also introducing a technology known as the Android Market Application Programmable Interface, or AMP. With the help of AMP, the gaming company will be able to directly communicate with the mobile gamers. This will allow the developer to make in-game purchases, which will significantly increase the number of users playing the app. Lastly, the company will be looking to secure funding in order to grow their enterprise. Since all three of these elements are present in the Game Developer Onboard program, we expect this startup to become quite successful. For more details about this topic, click here:
Game Developer Onboard - A Mobile Gaming Platform

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